Understanding and using the Software Liuliangbao BOT Recent Visitor (English Language)

As we know, bloggers need to improve their website and want to index for search engines (SEO). So we are looking for SEO tools that can increase the Alexa Rank.

Liuliangbao is SEO software can make you happy with it, you can get a real unique visitors daily. The original cardboard Liuliangbao Software Hackers from China, similar Jingling. but in this software is no special arrangements to increase your rank on Alexa. .. What are you waiting for ..? Download Now !. Absolutely free.

Liuliangbao Software Features :
  • Url in the search engine index
  • Increase Alexa rank
  • Make a real visitor
  • Can be used for Shortlink (Such as: Adf.ly / Goo.gl / Shorte.st / bit.ly / etc)
  • Can be used to Click Ads
  • Using IP
  • Safe to use
  • Small File Size
  • And many more

How to use liuliangbao : 
1. You need to have its first Liuliangbao Software.

2. If you have downloaded, run the file named 流量 宝 流量 版.exe

Understanding Software Liuliangbao (English Language)

Understanding and using the Software Liuliangbao BOT Recent Visitor (English Language)

Understanding the picture above (In accordance with numbers)
  1. Add a link - Mass traffic sender (recomended)
  2. Add a link - Get clicks from real people
  3. Add a link - Ad traffic sender
  4. Add a link - Boost search engine ranking
  5. Alexa ranking booster
  6. Gain Exposure for your QQ Profile (I think, nobody who uses this)
  7. Edit link
  8. Exchanging views in progress
  9. Exchange of views has been paused
  10. Pause
  11. Start
  12. Delete link
  13. Boost Traffic (Requires paid membership)
  14. Rate of gaining traffic (Set it as high. Don't touch it, it is set 'high' in default)
  15. Speed up traffic gain for all links running (Requires paid membership)
  16. Hide program in the background
  17. To stop, just do like this :
Understanding and using the Software Liuliangbao BOT Recent Visitor (English Language)

Well, you waiting for? Please use the latest Software Liuliangbao BOT Visitor's and real now, I've been proven on short links and the results are very satisfying.

If you have any questions, please just ask in the comments field that has been provided.

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